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Student Uniforms



Oxford Shirts/Ties

  • All students (boys and girls)  will be required to purchase a long sleeve Bishop Miege oxford shirt that is to be worn on certain days, including “All School Mass” Days.

  • Bishop Miege ties will be available to purchase from the Stag Shop. Boys are encouraged to wear a Bishop Miege tie on Mass days and other designated days - i.e., game days, special occasions..  

  • With the exception of slacks, all items must be purchased through the Bishop Miege Stag Shop. (see info below)

  • The red crew neck sweatshirts will no longer be allowed to be worn as uniform apparel.


  • Starting in the 2024-25 school year, all girls in all grades will be required to wear the Miege plaid skirt

  • Skirts will be required to be worn at an appropriate length. Girls’ skirts are measured so that the hem will be no more than 5" above the knee. (Measured from the floor to the bottom of the skirt when kneeling.)  This length is not to be altered. This length will be strictly enforced for the 2024-25 school year. 

  • All skirts must be purchased through the Stag Shop (see info below.) Skirts are to be buttoned, not rolled. All skirts must be hemmed and in good repair and not altered for any reason except to keep appropriate length. 

  • We request and expect parents’ cooperation with our efforts to maintain the uniform skirts at modest and appropriate length.


  • Starting in the 2024-25 school year, all students in all grades wearing slacks will be required to wear Lands End slacks. All the pants will have a Miege logo. (Our goal is to have sample sizes available for fitting in the STAG Shop by the end of March.)

  • Only navy blue or tan khaki slacks are acceptable. Lands End slacks can be ordered through

    • Step 1: Click the box that says “Enter School Number”

    • Step 2: Enter School Number - 900169202

    • Step 3: Select Girl/Woman or Boy/Man and Select Grade

    • Step 4: There is only 1 options will appear:  Boys "Blend" Plain Front Chino Pants.  Either are acceptable uniform pants.

    • Step 5: Select one style.  After selecting, there is a tab to select adult sizes which pulls up waist sizes 27”-44” 

    • If you are looking for a size that is currently out of stock, you can call Land’s End and place an order over the phone. 1-800-9630-4816

All uniform orders (including online purchases) must be placed by the May 15, 2024 deadline to ensure your student has their desired uniform apparel.  The Stag Shop is closed for the summer and will reopen in August 2024. 

Uniform Sizing: It is strongly suggested for students to try on uniforms prior to ordering. 

Here are the dates/times.

Wednesday, April 10th 5-7pm

Tuesday, April 16th     5-7pm

Wednesday April 17th  5-7pm

Wednesday, May 1st   5-7pm

Wednesday, May 15th  5-7pm 

May 29th  will be open 9am - 7pm

The Stag Shop is also open on Wednesdays during lunch and after school or by appointment only.  Please contact Katie Jo Kirk at or 913-222-5812.

In summary, these are the changes to be implemented in August 2024.  

  • All students will purchase an oxford shirt

  • Male students will be encouraged (not mandatory) to purchase a Miege tie

  • All girl students (freshmen-seniors) will wear the Miege Plaid skirt

  • All students who wear slacks will be required to wear Land’s End Slacks. 

  • Oxford shirts, skirts, and ties will be purchased through the Stag Shop. Pants will be purchased through the Lands End website provided above.

  • June 1st is the last day to order online. The Stag Shop is closed over the summer. 

We believe these  uniform changes will enrich the Miege commitment to a culture that reinforces the mission of nurturing students' academic, spiritual, and personal growth in accordance with Catholic principles.